New Age Misogyny/Harden The Fuck Up– Brace Yourself…!/The Nothingness Is Coming lmfao

Are feelings

Feminine? asking for a friend, again.

“The world runs on feelings”

“Harden the fuck up”

“Get rid of your safe spaces and

Face the uncomfortable truths”

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a safe space

In my life, and I certainly have never been spared

Other’s honest opinions about me, my thoughts,

My beliefs, and my body.

Lmfao the mere idea–

The only people who get to experience

A life uninterrupted

Are the folks who are seen as

Neutral, objective.

Nobody is neutral, no one is objective

Until they have proven themselves to be

Unaffected and unbiased

Emotionally– free of feelings

Biasing them lmfao

Because I suppose, feelings

The things that let us know

When we’re being hurt–

Are lying to us.

Like that isn’t something

I haven’t heard before

All this hardening and

Nobody tells me what the point is,

Just seems like we’re ignoring

All the reasons we’re hurting, and instead

Bracing ourselves for nothing.

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