New Skin/My Own Saint

The more I transition the more I settle into my

New skin, the more strangers come to know me

For exactly who I am, the less patient I become

With the rest of them. The people who knew me


The more I learn what it means to become him

The more I wonder what it all means in the end

Yet I am certain in the decisions I’ve made leading

Up to this, I am simply uncertain about all the

Rest of it.

I wonder if this phase is over and perhaps a new

Chapter is being started. I feel it in my bones as if

The sea is calling. I want to be salty. I am not so burdened

By the perception of others finally I am free to be

Exactly who I am.

It was overwhelming at first to meet him, to get

Him checked in and settled and honestly

I wonder if there isn’t more to god than I thought

Before I met all the sinners. I think perhaps

I am one.

I sinned primarily against myself, undermining

Letting myself spend time with people who don’t

Respect me, dropping the bar too low for myself

However I know that there are those

Born in my circumstance

Who thrive, which makes me wonder if there isn’t

Something to all this that is bigger than the picture plain too see, I wonder if there isn’t

Someone even better waiting for me when I’m 60

The person I am becoming as I age as I grow into my skin

I am so excited to meet him, each day

It powers me through all the pain I am

My own saint.

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