New Year’s Deductible Frenzy

I don’t know if

People outside of

The United States

Know this about US(a)


Our healthcare works with

Deductibles which get

Met or not and if you want

To have a particularly

Expensive surgery covered

At all

You will need to first

Meet your deductible, which means

Paying your way to that point,

Out of pocket,

And then you have to

Schedule your procedure

Before the year is over

Usually during your

Holiday, so that you don’t have to

Take time off of work

To recover

From your procedure you

Strategically scheduled at an

Inconvenient time so that you can

Still pay a hefty price

For the thing you needed

For your life, just

A much, much lower price

Oohhh wow what a delight

Make sure you get your

Tubes tied during the

Holiday blowout sale at the

Surgery center Black Friday bonanza

Fucking hell, y’all

Somebody save me

I am dying here and they are saying

There’s a fee for complaining

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