New Year’s Resolution

My new year’s resolution is

To demand more from life.

This year I learned that

Each time I put my foot down

And say– I’m gonna try anyway

It pays off.

I don’t berate, demean, or manipulate, I just simply

Try in whatever way I can, and

Even when I fail I learn a bit about

Someone or something I didn’t beforehand–

I need to keep demanding

The more I demand the more in-demand I become and

The more I have to share with everyone.

I need to get off my feet

And demand more from myself, that way

I can keep learning who I am

When I don’t set limits based on where I came from.


*Post script

I am from Ohio and we end sentences

With prepositions, whenever and wherever

We can fit one in, on.

That’s right– I’m starting with grammar.

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