People are so nice to me

So nice

The kind of nice that makes you think

Wait a minute…

Fuck this asshole!!

They think I’m an idiot.

And then they actually scream it

“Anyone that does _____ is an idiot”

Ahhh ok

So you did mean it

And you aren’t nice

You’re pretending.

All your liberal Facebook statuses?

Hypocritical and insincere

They way you treat other people?

Hypocritical and insincere

The way you treat people “nicely”?

Hypocritical and insincere

I am many things

But I am not nice

When people say that I’m


I know three things:

1. They don’t know me

2. They aren’t interested in getting to

3. They aren’t worth arguing with

Niceties are another way of

Telling other people they don’t deserve

The truth.

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