Nikocado Avocado and His Audience Agree On One Thing— Internalized Fatphobia/Professional Live Action Fat Meme

How do you stop a movement in its tracks?

Copy it endlessly until it stops talking back.

“It’s just water weight”

Well — fat cells are filled with water after they are burned —

Yes, it starts as fat, but as you use it

You have fat cells that linger for years

Filled with water that drains and quickly and easily returns—

Yours— doesn’t seem to be

Water weight. You have to have lost some

In order to have it.

My weight is a medical mystery

If you follow the blog you already know this

Is the sort of parody, the most common attitude

This is the most virulent kind of misunderstanding

Filled with hate and bullshit

People are not accepting of beliefs

They do not already have. If you believe

All fat people are idiots making excuses—

You will go on believing that

No matter what anyone says about anything.

He just turned that attitude

That bigotry

Into a punchline for the world to kick at.

The nonstop cpap thumbnails

Like sleep apnea doesn’t have enough stigma…

Plenty of people with healthy BMI’s

Still suffer from sleep apnea

It’s not a fat people only disease— nothing is

Nobody needs to be making it harder for fat people to sleep.

Needlessly going places in a scooter

Mockery of the disabled.

He does jumping jacks and dances that

Shuffle his belly as vigorously as possible

He makes himself

Into a fat meme

As if it isn’t really him

Then throws a tantrum when he realizes

It’s not just a bit.

He is, effectively

Walking, breathing

Noodle eating

Live action fat meme

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