No Offense To Switches

I might fuck the absolute shit out of some guy but he would have to be

Into that, clearly. I don’t think being ambiguous would work

“fuck the absolute shit out of”

I don’t mean

I’m a switch

Lay next to me and giggle

I mean what I said and then some.

I think it would have to be some special sort of guy for me to want to settle down but

I’m not against it at the moment. I guess when your preference is

Gender irrelevant you might say I identify as

Queer, poly, or some shit.

My last relationship made it clear I am not

A bottom, I am not a switch I am a

Top, and I like to stay there all night long.

I like to be a top at work

I like to be a top at home

I like to be invisible in the public realm–

Anonymity gives me a weird thrill

I am never in the mood for anything besides

Domination and the next person I’m with should probably be

Excited about that, don’t you think?

Seems to me there are plenty of subby fish in the sea.

It’s not a preference or a role, it’s just my energy.

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