No One Is Exempt

You can’t explain to someone

With an eating disorder that

A fat body isn’t a problem if

They have no health issues to speak of.

You can’t explain to someone

Who refuses to accept that

They look the way they do

Because of genetics, that

Fat bodies do as well.

You can’t explain to someone

Who doesn’t know, who doesn’t care

The differences between diseases

You experience, and conditions

You were born with, with society

Affecting you appropriately.

You can’t explain to brainwashed masses

That type 1 and type 2 diabetes have

Different causes and different solutions–

Just the same way no one acknowledges

That cushing’s syndrome is not as rare

As it claimed in the journals based on

People who live, and are retroactively


All of us are trapped

In our own heads, and

It doesn’t matter if you walk out of yours

And reflect–

The majority of people

IRL and on the internet

Are fatphobic idiots

Who do not wish anyone well,

Only themselves.

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