Nobody Should Need To Come Out As Non-binary. Sex Isn’t Binary.

Coming out as trans is one thing—

You are transitioning your social presentation

Your name, your appearance, your pronouns your anything—

If you are changing how you present to the world

Without question you are transitioning

From where you were to where you are headed—

Wherever that ends up. Sometimes it’s

The same place you started.

For me— absolutely nothing about being non-binary

Required(requires?) me to come out.

Coming out was something I did

To signal allyship, something I did

To provoke discussion—

Never something that I needed


Everyone is entitled to their pronouns

Their presentation

Their perspective— but

If sex and gender aren’t binary—

Then excuse me, but who is ?!

The binary trans people who exist because of

Non-binary principals in action ?

The cisgender people who may or may not

Be Allies? The ones who might be

Non-binary in disguise ? What about

Intersex folks who were born the way

They identify? Are they still trans?

Shit makes no sense.

I’m sick of pretending it does ! It doesn’t.

Cisgender people can be non-binary, something

Some people say is trans identity, the terms

Are not mutually exclusive

People do not seem to understand this.

In the future

This will all be seen as a trend—

Not because sex is immutable— but rather the opposite—

No one will need to come out as non-binary

In a world where everyone knows and understands

That sex is not binary.

It’s like coming out as a human—


How many more poems do I have to write about the same goddamn thing I swear to god.

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