Nominations/Eat What You Cook/Shit List/B.T.A.R.A

I’d like to nominate

Upperhand Mars for

Woman of the year, since his

Soft little chubby lady hands,

Surgery, history of hormones and

Chosen Gender identity

Do not in any way

Qualify him as male, according to

His own philosophy.

I’d also like to nominate

Buck Angel

For broken record female artist of the year

For all the same reasons listed above as well as

His uncanny ability

To write the exact same tweet

Over and over and over and over and over again

Despite somehow using different characters on the keypad

And most of all

I’d like to nominate

Rose of Dawn

As the number one trans content creator

On my shit list. Fucking

Sociopathic narcissistic wanna be cunt

People like you

Make me want to volunteer

At abortion clinics. Considering

Her mom was certainly on the fence

When that monster was in the oven.


Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

I think my next piece of homework is to

Find all of their deadnames

So I can break all of the rules

They all currently benefit from.

Forreal though

TRA’s will not fight other trans people

These goons are the only proud ones

Like the proud girls (and boy) of trans idiots

They never get harassed or abused or deal

With any of the shit the uplifting creators do

People fucking avoid their content

So as to not give the SEO a boost…! Sigh. Oh man.

Imagine being in an echo chamber

That boomy.

Literally no one even challenges Upperhand Mars —

The motherfuckers handle is literally exclaiming

I’m the kind of idiot that NEVER LOSES AN ARGUMENT”

Not realizing that the only way that happens

Is by lies, bullying and manipulation.

Side note—

I think I must be one of the first people

Who decided it was within their right

To misgender and insult

The loudest bullies in the playpen.

For what it’s worth, I’d love to invite

All of them to the parking lot but again—

Rose of Dawn especially seems like

Such an unbearable trust fund baby —

She’s probably already trying to sue me

Just for noticing her bleeding, tight, alt right asshole

I don’t need any written threats

In the poem. Just all the same

Indecencies they do to other people.

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