What is the goal

Of queer progress, now

That we have things like

Marriage, benefits, insurances—?

Is it to be

Gay married to

Toxic relationships

So people can get

Gay divorced

And go on talk shows about it?

Is that our goal

As a society?

Was it to allow

Massive age differences in relationships?

Is being queer a

Power dynamic the straights

Can’t even come close to—

Such a strong force

That it magically prevents

Queer-identifying people

From experiencing

All of the common pitfalls

Of heterosexual marriages?

Does being queer

Protect you from depression,

Anxiety, cold feet and

Unfaithful backstabbers?


Nope nope nope nope nope.

For me, personally

When I was a kid

I envisioned a future where

The labels weren’t everything—

Now, it seems

That unless you have a label

You can’t go through processing

Or get scanned

Or end up in the right shipment

You’ll just be limited

To what you can do

With your own bill of lading, the

Only one who knows

The value of the goods they carry

I, for one

Would rather be my own surveyor

Than risk being devalued

By some random prospector

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