The thing about it

Is that my nose


Is essentially perfect.

I’ve had beauty queens comment on it


Miss Michigan told me I had

The most perfect nose she’d ever seen !

Little ‘ol me!

My nose is perfect–

End scene.

The thing about it

Is that testosterone

Really seems to do a number

On people’s noses

Don’t believe me?

Look it up

Every trans guy I’ve found

Online, at least

Has the most deformed lookin nose

I’ve ever seen.

Maybe they all


Had ugly noses


But I find that to be

Highly unlikely.

Anyway, you see?

I have a lot to lose,

As far as noses go–

Mine is perfect.

So anywhere besides here

Is down.

I guess the worse scenario,

That I’m not even considering–

Is that I keep

This perfect dainty

Little nose

In all it’s perfect dainty glory



I will be gendered

By my NOSE,


My fucking nose

My one true asset

Turned foe

What’s a they/them to do?

Cry and sniffle,

I suppose.

At least I don’t

Do coke.

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