Not A Visible Achievement

Ex fats much like

Trans people

Are forced to perform happiness

Even if they are fucking miserable.

My ex for example—

Can’t get through the weekend without

Rolling and drinking, can’t go

To a concert without drugs

Can’t write an article

That isn’t about discipline and yet

Has none to speak of.

Can’t take a picture

Without smiling, and yet

The moment the camera is down

The phone is out, the frown is back

Pics or it didn’t happen, go ahead

And take a picture so people will have something

To be jealous of, the way

You are whenever you see

Anyone thinner and prettier than you


Much like trans people

Ex fats start the process of fitting in

Which, is a feeling

Not a visible achievement.

Ahhh but the pants fit right

Too bad so sad about the depression, anxiety

And years of your life dedicated to something

Everyone else starts with.

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