Not Enough “Too Buff For This Plane” TransMascs

A lot of the arguments I see about

Trans people in sports are for sports

Where the differences are a little more

Debatable. Alas, the only sport I have much

Passion for is weightlifting and all its forms.

It’s not really about

Whether or not trans women

Are or are not women, it’s kinda more about

Time, hormones, and whether or not

There are advantages.

I think if people really want

Some proof, besides swimmers and runners and

All that stuff, there’s gonna have to be

A trans man weight lifter

Who is bigger, stronger and badder

Than all the rest, alas we have

Some bodybuilders but

Nothing quite compares

To the record differences.

Anyway it would be dope to see

Alas if nobody wants to do it

I guess it’ll have to be me

Sigh, always.

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