Not Everyone Chooses To Be A Man

Some gay men are like

“I’m not privileged, I’m gay~!

I spent about two years fighting with it

Until I realized how hot and amazing and

Fun being gay is and I

Never looked back, I still feel

Lonely, sad, depressed

No one I like ever likes me back,

I’m still looking for that perfect

One and only daddy who will

Make me feel like the man I am…

Alas– in the meantime

I will continue making more money

Than most women, continue

Size-shaming everyone for

Anything that can be sized-up

All while making fun of everyone

And anyone that I can hear the voice of my dad say

Is a stupid, weak, fat schmuck.

I don’t have internalized misogyny,

I am a queen!

How could I hate what I’ve always been

Instead my beef will be

With anyone who reminds me

Of how much I hate being born a man.”

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