Not Sold.

I don’t think there are many trans people

Who can easily separate

Their body dysmorphia

And their gender dysphoria

I don’t think there are many people

Who can even recognize

When they are being body negative

I think it is really easy

To convince yourself

That your self hatred

Is motivational, positive–

Even empowering!

All anyone is willing to admit to

Is gender dysphoria

When you are in the trans community–

Everyone seems to be shouting it from the rooftops

“I’m not self-loathing–

I’m transgender

And you need to respect

That I have perspective–

Everyone who’s fat and hates themselves

Is because they are fucking fat losers–

Not because they’re trans!!!”

Yeah okay consider me

Not sold on this.

Not to mention

The numerous healthy cis folks

Who can’t fucking handle their cis flesh

As it is.

Stop pretending self image

Is a trans specific issue

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