Now Everybody Calls TERFs TERFs and It Isn’t Even A Bad Thing To Self-Identify. LMFAO These Times They Are ‘a Changin’

I used to be like

“Don’t call TERFs TERFs–

They aren’t feminists they’re

Incel losers”

It’s true, but sadly

They love their name and

They love being shitty so

You have to call TERFs TERFs in order to

Be clear who you’re talking about.

It’s unfortunate that

The majority of TERFs are heterosexual women who are

Incels, and a minority of queers who seem to also be incels.

It’s unfortunate how easy it is to be

A woman in a relationship who is also

Involuntarily celibate. Sigh. Anyway

I used to be like

“Don’t call TERFs TERFs–

Don’t hate on lesbians

Don’t hate on feminists”

I still believe in all of those things but

If you’re a fucking TERF, by philosophy, by action–

You are whining and complaining about strangers on the internet

With no plan to make your own life better, just

Throwing a tantrum and expecting

Someone else to fix things for you. Basically

An incel with a princess complex and a

Uterus that is both the most powerful thing in the world

But for whatever reason, even if you

Never have an abortion or never get pregnant or

Never use your incel pussy once in your life–

The theoretical idea

Of you having your theoretical discrimination happen

Is significantly more important

That the reality that you both

  1. can easily benefit from the privilege that surrounds you, the way you are currently doing with the platform and the ideology you’ve created to hound and harass trans women.
  2. refuse to accept the reality that you could be doing more with your life, and instead insist on playing the victim at every single opportunity, claiming that trans women are taking away the resources you also weirdly simultaneously insist you don’t have.
  3. benefit from and reinforce a belief set that ostracizes people who are seen as women in society who have almost all of the same problems you have, with a slightly different disease set. Apparently being raped and beaten and harassed on the street doesn’t qualify as a women’s issue unless you’re a privileged white woman speaking on behalf of everyone.

I think it is especially important to perhaps go back in time and listen to the first episode I made about TERFs

I’ve been waiting

For a single productive theme or a single bit of

Content from this movement

That actually contributes towards progress

Of any cause

In any way, and I simply

Cannot find a single use for it.

It benefits no one.

As a woman who chooses to live in the world as a man, I had

Diversity programs to take advantage of as a woman, that I now

Do not. I had scholarships and opportunities

Thrown at me constantly, that I now do not.

As a man, I am required to have merit in order to matter,

Perhaps at the end of the day

There is no merit to the TERF movement, and

That is what they are all so fucking mad about. They can’t understand

Why it is the conversation isn’t about them

The same way

The white men did, now the privileged rich white women of Ooo

Get to sit on their asses and complain about how

They would have more jobs and more opportunities

If the .02% of trans women

Would just stay men, with male privilege…?

See what I mean?

They’re bitching about everything with

No cure because the cure is

Them going to therapy, clearly

They need someone to talk to

About their deep set insecurities.

Trans women are not the enemy, they simply exist

The same way you were simply born a cis woman —

They were simply born a trans woman. All this pain

And longing with no resolution– it fucking

Sucks doesn’t it?

Nothing you can do about being born again, sis.

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