Obesity and Diabetes/It Never Seems To Matter That I Don’t Have Diabetes

Probably the most aggressively frustrating part

Of being obese, is that

Everyone you meet

Assumes that you either

  1. Have diabetes, or
  2. Are in the process of getting diabetes

It never seems to matter

That most people

Are not doctors, or endocrinologists

All it usually takes

For a stranger to feel confident enough

To talk down to me about diabetes

Is them seeing my fat body.

It doesn’t matter that

Even before I transitioned, I had bloodwork done

Every six months, obsessively monitoring

All the parts of one’s blood that indicate

Insulin, glucose, and any resistance or issue

Dealing with these things.

I’ve had people with

Type one diabetes

Explain to me

How they take care of themselves, and how

That is the reason

They are not obese–

It never seems to matter

That I don’t have diabetes.

I’ve had people with type 2 diabetes

Warn me of my impending consequences–

It never seems to matter to them

That my A1C is 4.8, or that

I’m not insulin resistant, or that

I don’t have any of the symptoms

Of a pre-diabetic, or any of the indicators

A pre-diabetic has in their bloodwork.

It never seems to matter

That I don’t have diabetes.

Often people with type one diabetes

Or people with a loved one

Who has type one

Will talk to me as if

They have conquered a problem

That I have not, that they have

Accomplished some sort of

Health goal, that I have not.

It never seems to matter

That I don’t have diabetes,

It never seems to matter

That that’s not how

I gained weight, and it

Definitely never matters

That there might be other people like me.

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