Obesity Has Been Categorized As A Disease For Way, Way Longer than Anyone Acknowledges

“Obviously obesity is a complex topic. Despite extensive research, the causes for this disease are not well understood and good treatment options remain elusive. As Dr. George Bray, a distinguished obesity researcher, once said, “Obesity isn’t rocket science, it’s much more complicated.”13


This article says that the

American Medical Association (AMA, not

Ask me anything—)

Voted on it in 2013

And then the article proceeds to explain

That it has been discussed

As a disease

By doctors in the field

Since the 1600’s and yet

Sure, go ahead

Laugh, and insist

Everyone has the cure

Readily at their disposal.

The most egregious concept

Perpetuated by the obesity epidemic

Is that obesity is

A new problem.

It’s not new, it’s ancient.

It’s just becoming more prevalent

Now that we have even fewer environmental means

To manage it. chief of which

In my opinion

Is a hateful, bigoted, shame-riddled, contempt-high general public

Doped out on Michelle Obama’s arms

Hell bent on fixing

Every fat body

Every fat perspective

Every fat person they come in contact with.

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