When someone is

Bleeding, and they are


No one blames them

For bleeding out.

When someone is

Bleeding internally,

Blackening and withering

No one blames them

For needing help.

When a blind person

Learns to use a cane

No one blames them

For smacking their knee


When a fat person

Dies because of

Anything, anything at all–

They are ever dead because

Of their obesity

2 Replies to “Obesity”

  1. Whippoorwill

    People can be unkind. Very unkind. Cruel. Brutal. Some people suck. Some people can suck it. But not you. Do you know, when I first listened to your podcast thingy, first heard your voice. I imagined a pro with a producer in a studio with mixing boards everywhere and a fancy pants microphone on a cool articulated arm. I thought you were so cool you’d never even notice lame ol’ me. But you did. That felt good. That felt very good. I still feels just as good when you notice me now. Just a thing I never told you. Or maybe I did. I can never remember what I’ve told anyone.

    • Becky WTGH

      My end goal is to somehow teach everyone but every time I start to plan the goal plan I feel like dr Manhattan

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