Okay I was gonna keep this

In my personal circle but

It’s kind of relevant

To being trans, so

I have to share.

There is this lady at work who is like

Most certainly trying to flirt

I do not know

What to make of it, I am very innocent in some ways I just kind of

Assume the best of people but

Then I think about it

Late at night

And I am paralyzed with fear.

How do I proceed. I need this job

A hell of a lot more than I need a blowjob.

She is cute af but also

I’m me.

I don’t really recognize flirting

I don’t really notice when people do it and

It doesn’t always excite me

Because I barely know it’s happening.

I prefer to be the person flirting.

Mostly because I like to control most everything.

Anyway. I don’t know what to do.

I can’t tell if I like it or not which is


She might be wanting cock but she

Mentioned politics in Florida…?


Does that mean she knows I’m trans lmfaolmfao

How deep inside of my own ass can I get

Not everyone thinks about that

She could think I’m gay and into drag

Idfk but she also

Compliments my eyes and my clothes and

My work, asks me for help with things

She knows. Texts me after work.

Mentions white guys she thinks are cute and

Wonders if I’m into milfs.

I don’t know what to do

Im a trans guy

Even if I wanted to cross the coworker line

I would be risking my privacy at work.

I would be risking it all

Doesn’t she know

Why is life so full of obstacles …?

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