Obvious Faults

This bass isn’t phat enough

This vape didn’t cloud enough

My chick isn’t glad enough

I need a feeling that hits

I’ve got my work cut out

The bottom dropped down

The floor is the ceiling and

I am forever kneeling

She says I’m the best but

Then treats me like a jerk

Maybe its time I

Marry my quirks

The lower I go the more I feel

At home, lost in a cradle of

Doom. What if I just

Got out of the room?

They say hell is other people but

Wherever I go things keep

Happening. Maybe I’m not as

Clean as god made me, maybe

Rhianna is devilworshipping, maybe

I’m traumatized by Bob the tomato and

Maybe she’s already let me go

And I’m the one that doesn’t see

The obvious faults

Maybe on the seventh day

The wall falls,

God I hope so.

Why do I see nothing but

The guy I hate and her disappointment

I should be gay for myself

For a day, so I get

Clearer perspective.

Why can’t I write songs?

I’m a musician, each time I think about

Singing I just simply

State it. Maybe all these

Compounded things are


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