Of Size/ Sign Off

If you read any of my poems

Or listen to any of my shows

And your takeaway is

“This fat person is an idiot—

Stop trying to make me feel bad for you

Thin privilege doesn’t exist

People call me fat and skinny all the time

Stop taking things so personally—

You don’t have the right to be

Mad about it”

I find this takeaway


I literally

Talk about

What actually happens to me

Under a pseudonym

With a limited veil of


I literally

Don’t exist !!!

I am a figure

Of my own imagination !!!!

Who is triggered…?

Who is in denial?

Who is making


Feel bad

For who ?

Am I supposed to feel bad

For the thin perspectives

Who are being made aware

Of their body privilege?

Am I supposed to listen

To “allies”

Who fight for

Races that they aren’t —

Genders they aren’t —

Nationalities they aren’t—

Sexualities they aren’t—

But god forbid

Any reckless idiot

Stupid enough to be accepting

Of bodies of sizes

They aren’t.

Just fucking

Sign off

You hypocrite liberal

Virtue signal warrior

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