Oh Man This Remnant Church Docu Is Ringin’ My Bells/I Wanna Start A Hilarious Religion

I know so many Gwen Shamblin Lara wannabe’s

I was raised around people like this.

It’s also really making me want to start some sort of

Hilarious religion

Based on loving yourself

The hilarious part is that it’s like, literally

Exactly what Christianity is

Except only for grown adults.

First rule of my new religion–

No kids. No indoctrination.

Nobody comes here against their will it’s just

The first commandment– no big deal.

Second rule–

Only 21 an up. Why?

Because we gonna get high as fuck duh

Church of dabs church of flower

Church of shared desire.

Now it’s almost weird like some sort of

Sex cult, gotta reroute somehow…

Perhaps third rule is

No sex…? Too hard of a reroute we gonn

Flipped over.

Maybe just, no gender in the heirarchy

All people totally equal no roles for

Man and wife none of that nonsense.

None of the whole virgin whore encore

None of it.

Literally just

Weed, community, and music.

Gahhhhh fuck damn shit

I just described a concert.

2 Replies to “Oh Man This Remnant Church Docu Is Ringin’ My Bells/I Wanna Start A Hilarious Religion”

  1. Bridget Williams

    I wanna join. Where do I sign up? No, seriously, just no sex, no gender roles and chill to music all day? Sign me up right now please.

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