Oh WOW– I thought I Was and Now I Am

I thought I was, and now I am.

The contrast is startling.

I prepared, mentally and physically

History was then–Now is Now

I am not prepared.

I wasn’t then,

and I’m not, now.


I should have

followed quicker tips or

googled more wiki’s

to guide me a bit.

I should have

shouldered more burden to

withstand more blame.

I would’ve shown myself

to steer myself clear, straight.

I could’ve done better–

anything to help avoid

getting here, so obstinate.


I should’ve known

what I didn’t then.

I could’ve done

what I didn’t, when

I knew I would’ve been left

unfinished, kept from

completion, waiting for that perfect

moment when I knew I was

and am always, am.


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