Ohhhhhhhhh Okay Ya’ll Cancelled Buck Angel. Srsly Tho!?

Must’ve happened while I was in the hospital

I like~~

Adore Buck Angel

That can, and never will change

I am trans largely because of Buck Angel

So it’s a little weird to hear him say

That he thinks Elliot Page is causing a wave of trans youth

When like–

I am trans because of you, dude!

Well, also because I used to

Fuck the shit out of my pillows, and all my

Lady friends thought I was really creepy.

I’ve always been a dude trapped in a lady’s body

I am a transgender man as well, I used to be a woman

And now I’m a man. It’s that simple, I love your shit.

He happens to think that trans kids

Shouldn’t medically transition until they are of age to consent

I happen to agree with him, give our current state of affairs

And our current circumstance.

Obviously there are trans kids

Obviously there are trans adults

And obviously

There is nuance with all of it.

Fuck anybody that hates Buck Angel

I can’t stand for that shit.

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