Okay, Thanks Man!

So far the thing I like the most

About being perceived as a man

Besides of course

The hair, the skin, the strength—

Is that I am usually estimated

Above my abilities, or at least

Everyone trusts

That I will figure it out eventually

Which, I suppose

To someone who doesn’t enjoy

Doing things for themselves

Might seem like a curse !!!

Ohhhh the horror

But for me, it was the treatment

I needed in order to feel like

I was finally able to be myself in this world.

Now, when I do something weird

That works

People say

“Oh awesome …!

Okay thanks man”

Instead of

“Hold on… hmmm okay…”

I’m sure to some sort of

Bitter sour kind of lazy assman

Who expects more from this world

Than a backhand —

It’s a hunch, but I feel


Might feel entitled to

More than an

“Okay thanks man”

But for me

It’s medicine

Each time someone says

“He gave me the idea beforehand”


“Okay thanks man!”

Or even just a

“That’s okay, thanks anyway”

“See you later man”

Even when you know

That guy thinks you’re an idiot—

He still respects you enough

Not to say it. Something

Women, cruelly—

Rarely experience. Or at least,

I didn’t

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