One-Sided Information


Today was a lot.

Woke up and read a FART/transphobic article

Comparing HRT and transgender medical interventions

To lobotomies, and it’s mass appeal and popularity as a

Cure all approach to mental illness in deviant women.

Then I found a counterculter trans guy who hates the BLM…

Then I realized that

Nobody is right, everybody is wrong, and

We will all just have to wait and see how this goes.

We are in the great experiment, and

I wouldn’t recommend choosing to become the guinea pig

But I am here to talk about it.

What I’ve been left to notice, is the

Dire, desperate need

For transgender parent resources.

I think, if I were to ever start an organization

It would be dedicated to counseling and supporting

Parents of gender non-conforming kids, as well as

Their actual kids. I don’t think anybody deserves

To have to figure all of this out alone, without

Any assistance. You end up getting some seriously

One-sided information.

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