Open Ignorance/ Translators /Head-Ass-Sandwich Artists

I’m white

My whole family is white

It’s a big part of what makes me


With the good hair

I’m fucking clueless about

Most shit— difference is

I don’t apologize for it ?

Or try to make myself different

I just open up

About my ignorance !

I do it by accident I am

An open book person and

Whenever I flip to a new page

Some people flip out

And try to tell me I’m not

Reading things right, when it’s

My own fucking story

The same right to tell as anybody.

I’m not sure if this is

A thing people can say, but—

I really feel like

Most white people

Would rather try and

Dramatize the black experience,

Like a fucking play that

They are starring in —

The Rachel Dolezals of the world

Are not as scarce as you’d think.

I’m not interested in

Appropriating anyone’s anything, but

I am endlessly curious

And desperate to satisfy the craving

I am interested in everything

Which is why I talk to people

As if they hold keys to a chest

I can’t break into—

Except for the white people

Mostly motivated by their narcissism

Who try on other people’s identities

Like hats at a hat party.

Now that I’m trans

I understand why

This sort of behavior bothers me.

It’s not just ignorant —

It’s disgusting !

Don’t silence someone else’s voice —

Don’t sit on their perspective —

Don’t take your whole ass

And shove it on top of

A minority person’s head

Just to “take a look around!!!”

For fifteen minutes

Before you feel “better about your life”

Enough to “appreciate it”

Fucking take your fucking shit ass

And put it on your own shit head

Or better yet

Try respecting another person’s perspective

Without feeling the need

To translate it.

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