One thing for sure–
I am not a whore.

I don’t work like that.

I don’t get aroused like that I don’t

Do anything like that I can’t even imagine

What “like that” is because I just have to say

“whore” instead. Ya’ll get the gist.

I only pursue folks that I find attractive in a

Personable sense. And if I happen to fall for you

I will be relentless.

I turn the no’s into yes’s. Not in a rapey way but in an

Aggressive, assertive sort of tsumani sort of

“I want to put my dick in you” sort of way

You have to pitch in order to sell, don’t you know.

Anyway, I’m aggressive. but not

To just anyone. I don’t want to get in your pants

Until I’ve heard your opinions.

And if they all happen to magically mirror mine–

I will notice, and I will think you are lame.

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