Orgasms Are NOT Like Coffee…

One time I was

Talking to a friend who was

Bisexual and I was like

Yay! I can talk about fucking

And they won’t think I’m a weirdo–

But she had only ever

Kissed women, never had

Sex with them. She’d only had sex with her

Boyfriends, which I can understand–

I’d only had sex with my girlfriends, then so like

Who cares–anyway–

She said something that made me

Really, really confused.

I was talking about how

My girlfriend fucked me so hard and I

Came so hard once that I

Literally got sick afterwards. I got

Nauseated and I was so exhausted

From coming so many times so intensely

So often, that I was literally

Fatigued as if I had run a marathon.

She was like

White, as a ghost–

Pale and whispy, looked at me and said

“What’s wrong with the way you guys are

Fucking? My orgasms never make me

Sleepy or tired, they are like

Coffee to me”

 I was like

Hmmmmm! Maybe she’s right

Maybe I’m fucked up and maybe we’re

“Fucking wrong”, but like

Coffee tastes like coffee, and

Orgasms are exhausting!

If it feels like a quick little

Energizing bolt of electricity, it’s probably because

You’re just getting excited, not even close

To coming…

I mean, am I

Crazy? Or what the fuck–

Orgasms are not coffee, and

If you’re able to have

A million of them, I wonder

How satisfied you really are…?

Brew a stronger pot, next time

Maybe, seems like the

Beans you have are kinda weak…

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