Our Sex

Our Sex

–by Becky WTGH

*sex here meaning physical touching not bio sex. I’m talkin’ about fucking, duh*

Our sex is ours.

We determine sex,

With ourselves.

They see sex,

They sell sex,

They buy sex.

We are sex.

My love for you is not usual–

It is unusual.

Love transcends sex

But somehow

The more in love with you I fall

The sexier I feel.

Crawling in my skin

Itching to get out

When I see you I am


As if I have never seen

any body.

I tell you everyday, every way.

None of it is enough

No proclamation, no statement

Could possibly say

What a nightly rough fuck

Tells me about us.

I love you more every day

Than I ever knew

I have had to expand my mind

To let this love in

You burst my seams

With your love

Gigantic love

I cry, remembering

How in love with you

I thought I was then

The way I feel now

Is almost as if

You’ve made me bigger

With this love, with this sex

Our love makes my heart explode

Nightly, daily, every morning

When you wake me up with your

Soft fingers, tender lips.

I never knew that love

Could be like this.

If I had one wish,

It would be for you to hear

The song in my heart

When you kiss me, so tender

When you rouse me, bliss me,

I surrender my whole self to you.

I do not volunteer,

You do not ask.

We exist, one life shared

Destined for a love

Greater than any fear.

I love you, char.

I wish you could hear it,

The song.

I am in tears, wondering

What life would be

If I hadn’t made that move,

Had I been less bold.

You inspired my courage

and now we are living

Together, as one in our home.

A love more enormous

Than my body can hold.

You make me realize

What else I could do

If I only surrendered

And let myself be

With you, I am not enough;

I am combusting, love erupting

Changing constantly.

You are my catalyst, lover.

You taught me how to see

Without you, lover,

I would collapse into darkness.

Come into me.

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