“Out” As Trans

In order to come

Out as trans

I had to start lying about being

Non-binary they/them

In order to come

Out as trans

I had to stop telling anyone

Because none of them

Actually treat me like a man

In order to come

Out as trans

I have to stop talking to everyone

Until people forget

Who I used to be, and see me

For who I am—


Someone who passes, someone who

Blends in entirely. Someone who still

Has to come out

As trans

Someone who when they say that

Will stop being treated like a

“Real man”

And instead like an it, a them

A neutral intended to hurt and instead

That is the neutral I prefer

A neutral that before seemed

Too cumbersome for them entirely

So for me, personally

In order to come

Out as trans

I never had to try, seeing as

No matter who I am I am always

Out as other, never a man

Only men are entitled to identity

To seed, to autonomy

Only masculinity is freedom and

I was born without it, so I have to

Hide my chest and hide my femininity

So that nobody knows I’m

Out as trans, when I —

You know—

Come out of that trance

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