Even if I had been born

A penised individual 🤣

I would probably still take after

My mother— what would I do then

With all this fluffed up nonsense

I’d still have spent most of my time

Being raised by women being shaped by women

I just wouldn’t have been pressured

To be one of them. Hey man, I dunno

I think people change and grow

But I also think

No matter what cards I was dealt

I would be pressured to be less

Emotional. As long as I identified

As male. Which, just sucks

Because my emotions are

The breadth of who I am

My emotions tell me what I do and do not

Care about, my emotions make people

Want to hang around, as well as want to run

My emotions are so much a reflection

Of my personality that if they aren’t being

Moderated my emotions make people think

I’m bothered in the head. No matter who I was born as

My emotions would be bumping around.

I would have had different experiences

But I worry about

Anyone with this amount of raw emotional power

And no outlet.

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