Outrage Over A Cis Hetero Contestant On Drag Race? You Don’t Say…

At some point the queer community is going to have to recognize

That drag race does not speak for everyone.

Perhaps that’s the point.

Maybe drag queens wanted to have their own show—

Problem is

Who is and isn’t a drag Queen

Is something CIS gay men have decided

They are the sole authority on.

Does it piss me off that

GottMik is included in every single conversation

About allowing cis women or cis men on the show?

Is that what y’all point to as proof?!


There have been trans contestants on every season of drag race

It’s old hat.

To make a big fuss about GottMik

Is not to make a fuss about the future of drag—

It’s to make a fuss about an afab

Who was let into the club.

Now they’re mad because

Cis people are let in— well duh

If you let Kameron Michaels in

You’re gonna have to accept that

Not all men loathe pussy

And not all men live in fear and jealousy.

Who is triggered by letting

Cis people into drag race? Is it

The trans folks lmfao?!

I doubt it.

It will, and always will be

The cis gay men who decided years ago

That they are the only ones who are allowed to be drag queens.

Am I gonna watch this season?

Bitch please.

I adore masculinity.

Unless I hear about more extensive rule changes

Like allowing male drag and allowing trans and cis kings

In royalty-only spaces —

I will always be unable to give a shit.


My problem is

I’ve got the same issue but in reverse —

I get dysphoric

Watching these men hate themselves,

Tear eachother to shreds

While wearing dresses and clothes

I was forced to wear as a kid.

When will it be time

For the queer community

To celebrate masculinity

As something other than a six pack

And a thick dick

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