Overly Optimistic Trans Visionary

If you want to enjoy some

Overly optimistic trans visionary views

Instead of my anti-microdosing anti-hipster views

Let’s talk about what might

Actually fucking happen

For the future of trans men and women.

Not only can trans women lactate, but

They are moving closer everyday to being able to

Successfully transplant uteruses into compatible donors.

A pregnant trans woman is absolutely–

You heard me–


How fucking exciting is that

But honestly, I thought of another thing

That was just as exciting

While I was making my episode the other day, I thought

About testosterone pumps, and how someday

Instead of having to do a weekly injection

Stabbing myself with needles and getting

An incredible amount of scar tissue doing just that–

I realized– hey man

They have baclofen pumps. They are going to figure it out

Someday, to be able to pump my testosterone

Or pump a trans woman’s estrogen

Full time no needles no prescriptions required

Automated daily flow of a regular dose

That future will be INCREDIBLE

Also just think–

For trans men

We could get a little prosthetic ball sac

With our testosterone pump located in that

It would be like,

A metoidioplasty

Combo with a testosterone pump and a

Scrotoplasty? Is that what its called, apologies

When they make you a ball sac out of your labia and stuff

You could just put the testosterone pump in there

And wham bam, thank you ma’am

The nut factory is operational again.

I just think that is like

Potentially so exciting

Also because as a trans man I know

From personal experience, that the

Regularity, a steady low dose of the testosterone

Is how I get the most changes.

This sort of therapy could potentially make trans people

Even happier in the future.

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