Overripe/Low Hanging Fruit/Uncomfortable

It’s totally forbidden for an educated person

To speak poorly about someone without education

But for whatever reason in

America it’s more and more popular

To hate education, to hate paying for it—

Everything has a more ultimately important greater financial reasoning

At least, so it seems.

It’s easy to be outraged by what they teach you

In gender studies. It’s easy to be outraged

When you study and dive deep

Into anything.

It’s easy to be married

And get divorced it’s easy to

Be a music major who becomes

A lizzo.

It’s just that, all things are possible

And all people matter— but

Shitting on education because of

Some out of context oversimplification

Turned into a meme or a tweet or a

Soapbox moment—

It’s easy to say hey—

That’s bullshit. But

It’s totally against the rules

For me to say

“Hey Buck—

You’re so stupid it makes me wanna jump off a cliff—

Stop representing trans men as

Idiot garbage wanna-be porn star high school drop out idiots

But again

It’s totally out of hand

For me to go there

To have my hand

On such overripe, low, fallen fruit

But anyway— yeah

College is full of information

You didn’t want to know, and classes

You don’t enjoy.

It’s not really like Reddit, or tumblr, or twitter—

You actually have to learn shit and pay attention

Even when it’s not fun or comfortable

One Reply to “Overripe/Low Hanging Fruit/Uncomfortable”

  1. Kim's Creations.ca

    I admire your straightforwardness in this post. You are not only honest with yourself but also honest about your reasons to write and state your opinion. I agree with you about your entire statement there. College is never easy for anyone. I’m 44 years old and I have been to college I have also been homeless too. I have had times in my life where I did not know or care how I made to the next hour without a drink or some narcotics to help me through. I gave it up about ten years ago back in 2011. I’ve been made uncomfortable plenty of times and it’s never a bad thing. It’s how we know we need to take action instead of sitting around and talking about getting it done. As Corey Taylor put it “The word nowhere is a combination of two words: Now and here.” I’ll leave you to think about the rest. Have a good night!

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