Ownership/Jesus Christ– The Sequel

What’s so wrong

With owning up to your faults

With acknowledging your shortcomings

As somewhere you’re going, not

Somewhere you are.

What is up with these people

Preaching inclusion while reproaching

Anyone honest with themselves

Apparently “woke”

Is being so corrective, so judgemental

As to educate the masses

While also being

Separate from them.

Sometimes I think

Property is not the only kind of

Ownership my generation is struggling with.

I often feel like

I’m the only person in the world

Who’s willing to admit that they

Are not an angel, not a saint

Not all they pretend to be, which

I can’t recommend highly enough

When you take ownership for who you are

And what you’re capable of

You are finally free…! Even if you have

Thousands in debt, or an expensive future.

It’s about knowing who you are

Even when you’re struggling.

So why is it– that nobody wants to struggle

They just want to be healed, and have

A motivational mantra?

Why is everybody suddenly

1 day a year

A body positive role model…?

What is wrong with the way

We talk about ourselves… what is wrong

With being honest

Not in a cruel way, not in

A loving way, a loving honesty, the truth

Has more than a harsh side there is a blessing

In everything–

But in a way that isn’t filtered

In a way that doesn’t manipulate, stating

The truth as if it is neither harmful nor


You have to own something

Even if it’s the way you feel,

Even if it’s not the way

You think you’re supposed to, you’re supposed

To take ownership

For who you are–

Not for other people.

*ughh I just wanna end this poem with a line that reads:

Jesus christ– the sequel

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