Oy hello

Oy hello

Took a ton of lsd again

Oops right

Shouldn’t I be worried or something

I don’t think so.

I don’t think the police are

Interested in me.

Although, I am

Interesting. I think.

Just not like

That interesting.

I will say though

I walked a ton

I saw houses

Into them. Straight through them.

It was like I was in each room,

But walking freely

Outside. In the breeze.

Rich peoples houses

Plumbing in the yard

Pipes and sewers

Jutting, cutting up the sod

Dead chunks of rotted



Chunks of sod

Decorating drainpipes coming up

Beneath the sprinklers

Fucking sprinklers



Goddamn fucking sprinkler nonsense

Rich people gotta live so rich

They got leaks in their pipes

For the lawn to spawn off of

Huts are houses just the same

Kings are queens and the princess

Is a slave.

Ohh pity pretty princess

Right, men have problems too

I’ve noticed.


I saw all the houses

And all the slaves

I wasn’t impressed

I find all of it


And depressing.

Who is anyone kidding

With these goddamn


Sprinklers, spritzing

On some blonde lady

Who ain’t got no identity?

Who the fuck are you, even

Blonde lady?!

Why’d you pick blonde


Anything but blonde,


Even if I was a lady

I wouldn’t dye my hair blonde

Strawberry, maybe

I just don’t get it

Who is the person

They’re all imitating?

Who wants that house

With the pipey lawn

And the chunks of half dead

Blonde, scraggly dried-up

Thawed from January

Bits of dead grass

Used as carpet

Trimmed and manicured

For someone else’s tastes

Who’s taste is it?

Not mine, clearly

I guess I’m the kingfish of this sea

Who am I

But some drifter

Caught between realities

I wish I could go back in time

And kill the guy

Who told everybody

To be blonde

And to have sod

on their lawns.

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