Passing as Invisibility/Invisibility as Privilege/Power over Perception/Poster Child Effect

Ya’ll say there’s no passing privilege but

There absolutely is, also

The trans men I’ve been looking for

Are so cis passing

I couldn’t recognize them, however

In almost every one of these


Of trans representation

You see

A thin, cis-passing trans person

As somehow

Proof that that is what trans looks like

That the passing itself

Is an act of revolution, that

The performance itself

Is the transformation

No one is interested in a trans voice

That is fat and angry and bitter and sad

Which in my opinion

Paints a pretty unrealistic picture.

I don’t mean to be a total

Cunt about it but

Ian Harvey literally isn’t even funny

I fell asleep during all of it, and

To be honest– the audience

Is all just marveling at his existence.


Google of proof of humor

This guy is so boring I can’t even.

To me the only thing there is

To be mesmerized about

Is how handsome and rugged and

Trans he is– which arguably

Has absolutely nothing to do

With any choices or lifestyle he has made–

He– much like me–

Seems to be blessed with the genetics

To turn him into a wildebeast.

It also makes us “pass” as “not trans”

Am I envious?

Sure, I guess

I’m mostly just confused

By how fickle and how two-faced

And how insincere and misogynist

The trans movement is.

A trans man can only pass

Once he becomes man enough

To be indistinguishable from the rest

That perspective is not mine to handle

I do not have complete control over my appearance,

I do not have complete control over other’s perception

I can’t even be certain

That people driving on the road

Aren’t texting with shotguns riding shotgun

You have to take a leap of faith.

Transitioning is a massive leap of faith

Honestly– I don’t want to be on tv

Or anywhere near any of the Elliots

Or any of the Ians or the Harveys

I just think it’s time the trans community acknoledges

The difference between

A healthy transition goal

And reality.

Not all trans bodies can take HRT without side effects

Not all trans bodies want surgery and

Not all trans bodies hate their adipose tissue,

Not all people see fat as feminine and

You shouldn’t have to be

A walking talking poster child for the trans community

In order to be respected

I guess

For some reason

It is some sort of sin for me

To want to see someone that represents

Less than an ideal representation

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