Patti Smith is the Only Musician My Painting Teacher Knew

Patti Smith is the only musician my painting teacher knew

Or at least, I’m pretty sure

Based on the evidence

All day everyday

Patti Smith

Gloria in excelsis deo

Over and over again

Become the night

Over and over again


Sometimes. I think.

I was usually too distracted

By how desperately I wanted to fuck her

Oh god,


Oh wow.

I’m a bit of a hypocrite with this, I think.

I made a whole post about how

People should think

With something other than

Their clits

But oftentimes

My clit knows the best of it

It’s like

So fucking smart

All y’all would listen to her too

If you had her


and now that she knows

I’ve got a man’s soul

My clit doesn’t give a shit

What anybody thinks

So anyway–Patti Smith

I’ve been listening a lot

Groovin’ to this shit

Thinking about

Fucking my painting teacher

The one who’s name I forgot


After I didn’t go to her show


She invited all of us, pulled me aside

And locked me in the eye

Asked me to go

To her show


I fucking blacked out, ok?

She smelled like something

Fermented, and my thoughts were

Absolutely demented.

God, I wanted to fuck her so bad

Listening to Patti Smith

Feeling the weight of the world

The colors,

The empathy,

All of the bullshit

Channeling all of it into

Fucking !!!!!!!!

How weird she smelled

Bitch ain’t got no hygiene

Why was that

Such a turn on?

I could never go

I would soak-through my jeans

I’d die on the scene

I literally imagined


Waiting awkwardly, pacing,

Mingling with strange affluent beings

Waiting and pacing

Pacing some more, bracing

My heart exploding, me dead

Lying on the floor

Unable to fuck her

Cuz I’d be dead.

It’s best to stay home,

Where it’s safe to imagine

just me and her

Rolling around in paint

Writing new Patti Smith albums

I came up with a project even

In my daydreams

She would help me match dry pigments

To sounds I generated

With live instruments

Like little pulsing sound-clits

On the scene

It would’ve been

Obscenely transparent

I just wanted her to

Teach me how to paint

With different kinds of materials

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