The fatphobia of youtube is a huge part of why I don’t like it as a resource

That and the fact that

For whatever reason

Being under 20 years old

Makes you a youtube authority

Despite the fact that

I’m old enough to remember

When they first introduced different video qualities–

And that was years before they even had ads–

Lmfao right, I’m basically your dad.

I also hate youtube

Because if you’re thin and white and rich enough

You can literally just funnel money into advertising

And watch your numbers climb up

Ask Ash Hardell lmfao

The same is true for Facebook

And loads of other things

I find trash

Just because you can pay people

To suck your ass, sorry I mean–

View your stuff


Also I think it’s fucking weird that

Considering I’ve spent zero in advertising

I have an audience at all lmfao

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