People Only Use “Biological” To Discriminate, Alas I Am Real

Seems to be

This sort of camp, unfortunately.

You either have to

Deny your body’s physiology

Or be transphobic

Because the only people using

Biological sex in conversation

Are bigots who are trying to take away my rights!

Which is incredibly frustrating

Because I exist

In reality, not in theory—

I am not a theoretical man, I am

Flesh and bone masculine, no one would ever

Confuse me for her, ever again.

My gender is not a theory

My sex is not a mystery

These things coexist

I don’t understand why I have to

Pretend as if biological sex doesn’t matter at all

In order to be a trans ally? And yet

Our rights are reversed in the name or

The biological sex, something

I am constantly reminded of

Each time I go to the doctor and

Each time I talk to my father

I’ve never been associated with

The biology associated, but for some reason

I have to ignore my reality

In order to

Fight for the right to be able to pee

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