Perhaps Persistence

A lot of these poets need

More guitar and less thesaurus.

I think in order to be

A heart to heart writer

You’ve gotta be as charismatic

As a great violinist, or perhaps

Fucking anybody honestly

They even let what’s his face

Ed Sheehan

Call himself a musician.

Anyway music and poems are

One in the same. They are lovers

Historians would call them best friends

I call them songs to my grandfather

Like an error I was thrown on this earth

A writing, whistling woman and

The World Wide Web knows me as a

Hot transgender mess.

I wonder if it is possible

To be the best at something

When you’ve lost faith in yourself more than you’ve

Lost the beat, dropped the rhythm.

I wonder if it’s possible

To write something you can feel

As much as I can. Perhaps music

Is still the best for that

Perhaps persistence gives me

Freedom to practice in a way

The cowards never try.

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