Before I was mentally and physically

Transitioning into a man-thing, I would

Often talk about trans people and trans issues

To just about anyone and everything

Hell I mean I started a fucking

Podcast even though no one asked me

That’s how much I flippin’ talked about it–


People would always listen

For a bit

And then say something along the lines of

“Oh yeah? Awesome! Yeah I mean, I have a friend

Who transitioned years ago and I mean

He had the surgeries and everything so I

Kinda already know all there is to know

About this sort of thing”

Damn, son

I mean, damn, like

I’ve been doing a lot of reading

For like, years and years now

And I learn something new

Everytime I log into anywhere or anything

Your tragic lack of curiosity

Towards one of the most radical,

Magical and downright nonsensical

Revolutionary issues of our time

Is a bit deafening, to me–


Right, well, that’s the problem

Isn’t it?

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