Phallo Dick/FAFO

I’ll say, in general

I am

Fuck around and find out


People on the internet really enjoy hating

Phalloplasty from all angles.

It’s all the rage nowadays

So naturally god sent me

A really hot guy with a phallo dick

So I could fuck around and find out, and honestly

I find it so upsetting now

When I see content about phallo because

A lot of it is truth with a lot of

Misguided bias mixed with

Transphobic bullshit, and it’s coming from people

On all sides of all arguments.

As someone from who enjoyed it,

From a mutually cumtastic encounter, I don’t think

It’s fair to reduce everyone’s experience

To whatever you may or may not feel comfortable doing

In a situation you almost certainly aren’t in.

As for whether or not

Phalloplasty is a good option

Depends on so many variables

The only good answer is that —

It’s none of your fucking business.

I will say, if you are interested you definitely need to do

All of your homework

Before you sign up for this. But

Fucking and sucking phallo dick

Ain’t nothing to complain about—

Y’all are hater idiots.

If you meet the requirements, it’s

A great option for many like us.

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