Phantom of the Theater

I’ve always

Always always always always always

Wanted to be a theater kid

Or a singer

But I’m terribly shy and

Awkward and I have

Cushings so I stick to

Instrumentals in the pit or

Somewhere even darker, preferred–

Despite my circumstances I

Desperately desire thespianism 

I suppose I am a bit of a

Phantom of the Opera, or a

Phantom of the Theater, so-to-Sarte.

I wear a mask and

Have an alias and

Rant and murmur to myself while I

Improvise on the moodiest instruments

I can fit in my car/house.

I’m supposed to be friends

With all the loud weird shallow

Theater kids who are queer as fuck and

Would make fun of me but after a few weeks

They’d all be obsessed and they’d

All be competing to be friends with me, but I’d

Turn them all down and have a bit of a

Meltdown or something and then I’d just

Read about theater on my own some more and

Keep improvising and daydreaming about

A world where you can just

Slap basses instead of having to

Defend yourself about fucking everything.

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