Philosophy of Self-Exception

I can’t think of much more

Hypocritical and disgusting and sad than

A trans man

Explaining how a trans woman

Isn’t qualified for woman of the year

Because “it’s a man”

But also insisting that

They — a self made man, are a man,

Fully and completely

Without needing to have

Bottom surgery or

Sperm or strength or

Masculine qualities at all.

It’s like some little angry

Man-hating dyke

Took testosterone and refused to grow up.

I guess it would be like

A man to insist that

No one besides themselves are real

Or important.


If a woman can’t be woman of the year

Because she used to be a man and now takes


Then for that exact same reasoning

Trans men are all eligible

To be women of the year

Considering we are all

Women who take testosterone.

What about a prescription

Disqualifies me from being

Woman of the year, but also

Disqualifies Rachel Levine ?!

The history of struggle? Are you fucking serious?

What insane philosophy is this?

Oh right—

The philosophy of self exception

An angry young man’s go to-reflection.

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