Physical Bodies/Physical Changes/NB Representation/Barnum and Bailey

I think a big part of why

There only seems to be

AFAB NB representation

Is because, at least

If you’re taking HRT–

The prescription you get

Will have a different effect

Than a different prescription, for

AMAB with different goals.

You don’t magically turn into

Something in-between that

Everyone easily recognizes and knows.

The prescriptions for nonbinary HRT

Are the exact same as any other trans individual–

Set by a doctor, with strict dosage windows. (HOPEFULLY!!!!)

You can’t control what HRT does to your body, and

You can’t try and sugar-pill that sense of control

With microdosing–

Maybe the only reason

People think

All nonbinary people are

AFAB bodies with pink hair

Could be

That is what people want to look like

When they start their transition…?

Or perhaps the answer is more sinister,

Perhaps the only “nb” representation we get

Besides amab’s in dresses

Is the sort of change

The eye can detect.

You almost need to be

Stuck on appearances

To even be allowed into the gender party nowadays–

The bodies with the most noticeable changes

Are the bodies on thick, oily testosterone

What you can see–

Seems to be

The only acceptable proof of identity

For most of the population.

So again, this problem

Of AFAB bodies dominating non-binary representation

Persists, but

I’m not sure if it’s because of the reason

I used to think. Now I’m more suspicious

That the cis require us

To be proper barnum and bailey

For us to hold their attention.

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