Pity and Disgust

Which stages of the grieving process are

Pity and disgust…?

I don’t hear them often enough discussed.

See pity is what happens when you

Love someone and see them fall from grace

Or when you want to respect someone but

You had to see their face

Disgust is what happens when

The shit hits the fan and

I’m not interested in either display of

“Emotions” or whatever those words are, adjectives

Adverbs what have you.

Pity and disgust are the two main stages of breakup and

If you’re unlucky enough

Like me, you get those two feelings

In all your relationships and you slowly but surely get so mad

That you never have another relationship ever again because no matter what happens it’s all just a weird mix of

Pity and disgust

Like some sort of two note shit fuck

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